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Why We Do This.

I have always had a big interest in the paranormal however in 2004 I found myself on the wrong end of an unexplainable personal attack in my own home. Instead of running for my life this experience fueled my hunger for the truth behind the unexplainable. In 2007 I met some new friends with the same drive as me, so I decided to put a team together to investigate and log our own evidence and offer help to those who feel uneasy in there own home. Located in West Norfolk (UK ) and Funded by myself, as we do not charge for any of our services and all our investigators are volunteers. The only reward is in the data that is collected, as the evidence we gather helps in the research and development in to new tools and equipment which makes for a more effective investigation.



The Investigation.

Located in Norfolk UK we are looking for evidence of a haunting whether it is at a public location or a private residence. Every one knows of someone who claims to have paranormal activity in their house or place of work. Once you have contacted us we will listen to all personal experiences and try to find any natural explanation. We will then conduct an overnight investigation using digital documentation i.e Night vision DVR, EMF, EVP's, and various Experiments with trigger objects. We deal only with the scientific side of the Paranormal. We do not deal with Ouija boards or spiritual mediums as we can not log this as Evidence. Many people feel like nonbelievers will make fun of them when it comes to paranormal experiences so all our cases are confidential unless we are given permission to share it on our site or Facebook page.


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 If you feel the need to talk to someone in confidence please go to the contact us page that situated at the top this page and all the information you need is there.


Alternatively you can just click the link below and go to our facebook page and like it to keep up to date with us.We hope you enjoy the website and we would like to answer any questions or if you have a recommended locations for us to look in to.                                                                                           

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 West Norfolk Paranormal Reserves the Rights to all

         Evidence and Reserch Collected in Investigations.

No Confidential material will be Displayed on this site

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