EMF Meter.

Paranormal investigators on popular TV shows such as Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted, are frequently seen walking around haunted houses looking for ghosts while carrying a handheld device called an EMF meter. The reason such meters should be used in investigations is more complicated than you think.

What Is EMF?

The Electromagnetic Field (EMF) meter was originally designed to locate man-made sources of electric and magnetic radiation and to offer a reading of the relative strength (and direction if you are a skilled and competent operator) of the EM field. Natural, as opposed to man-made, EM fields rarely fluctuate and require a Geomagnetometer (a very expensive gadget in a ghosthunter’s kit) to measure them properly.

When an electrical current travels through the wiring or into an appliance, it produces an electromagnetic field, which consists of the electric field which is always present (even when the appliance is switched off) and the magnetic field which occurs when the power is switched on to the appliance.

Common sources for household EM readings include such objects as computer monitors, Mobile phones, clock radios and televisions. It has been suggested by some that spirits may disrupt the EMF within a location or emit their own EMF although there is no scientific evidence for this. There is research being conducted in Canada, and in haunted locations in the UK (e.g. Investigation report), that particular levels or miniscule fluctuations of EMF can mildly stimulate a part of our brain which then, in turn, may evoke a physiological reaction and even a sensory hallucination in some individuals.

Why Use an EMF Meter?

Michael Persinger, Professor of Psychology at Laurentian University, Ontario, Canada, has a theory regarding EMF. His theory, which he presents in a chapter in the book Hauntings and Poltergeists (McFarland &Co, 2001), is that the sensation commonly described as “having a paranormal experience” is merely a side effect of both sides of our brain trying to work together. Simplified, the idea goes like this: When the right hemisphere of the brain, the side associated with emotion, is stimulated in a particular part of the cerebral region, and then the left hemisphere, the language side, is called upon to make sense of these stimulations, the mind generates a “sense of presence.” Dr. Persinger believes such cerebral “fritzing” is responsible for almost anything we might describe as paranormal such as apparitions, ghost lights, poltergeist activity and so on. Experimental subjects who were exposed to a specific series of pulses from TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) described feeling an invisible presence near them or feeling connected  to the whole world.

How to Use an EMF Meter.

Before using the EMF meter on an investigation, become familiar with how it works. Hold the meter at arm's length and walk around your own home taking initial readings around sources such as lights or electrical outlets. Most units come with a manual describing most household and major appliances and their corresponding electromagnetic reading. When using EMF detection meters it is important to make a series of baseline measurements in order to highlight any unusual readings. A ‘normal’ range of readings is between 0.1 to 10 mG (milli-Gauss), though some locations may have higher man-made sources. If you are close to domestic appliances the reading can exceed 30mG.

Most meters on the market are hand-held and this is not ideal. To use them make sure you STAND STILL! Even moving around can affect the readout slightly and unless you know this you may be incorrectly interpreting your data. In an ideal world you would purchase a tri-axial EMF meter (3-axes) as opposed to the 1-axis variety that flood the market. Both varieties have their uses in investigations since a single-axis meter is generally a better tool for locating the source of an emission. A 3-axes meter, however, can be left static and the data recorded onto its memory or fed directly into a computer – it takes out possible human error!

So the next time you’re watching a televised ghost investigation and the dial on the EMF meter shoots up, something supernatural has not been detected. It’s undoubtedly something natural.


Why the K2 is Different.

The K2 EMF meter is a standard EMF detector, much like it's competitors. Most EMF detectors use a needle that will move up and down when indicating electromagnetic energy. As there is an increase in the energy, the needle will move to the right, indicating the higher levels. The K2 meter uses lights to indicate the energy instead of a needle, flashing and then finally staying light at the level found with the meter.

Using the K2 With Spirits.

The K2 meter was tested by Chris Fleming, psychic medium from the show Dead Famous on the Biography channel. He wanted to use the K2 meter in conjunction with information he was said to be picking up on from any ghosts or spirits present. He found the meter to be accurate in doing this, and soon the 'buzz' started in the paranormal circles about the K2 meter.

When the K2 meter is on, you can ask a question from the spirits, asking them to respond with 'flash once for no, twice for yes', or a similar method. If you get a response when setting up this method and it works, then continue on with further questions that can be answered in a yes or no form. The K2 meter has been reported as being tested not only by Chris Fleming, but by other paranormal investigators as well, and seems to be getting good reviews. If the K2 EMF detector can indeed communicate with ghosts in real time, this will be a small breakthrough in the paranormal research field.

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